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These films are shown in a loop all day – drop in and out as you please. Total Run Time – 58 minutes.

Bawli Booch

Witness Manali like never before. A totally different perspective that will keep you wanting for more! An amalgamation of Downhill Mountain Biking in Manali, Himalayan cultural nuances and a catchy Bollywood song that will make your foot tap and keep your eyes glued to the screen. 4play takes an opportunity to introduce you to Manali, a sweet, vibrant mountain city in Himachal Pradesh, capturing the spirit of adventure sports and mountain life in the area using Downhill Mountain Biking! Embark on a short journey with Raj Kaushal, as he traverses through the streets, alleys, mountainsides, and forests of Manali on his man-powered wheels with his favorite suspension downhill mountain bike. Meet the residents of this vivacious city going about their day-to-day life (accoutred in the famous Himachali topi), shopkeepers earning their daily bread, and school children making merry in the woody park. Catch glimpses of native women at their daily industry – be it weaving patus (shawls) on wooden weaving machines called badi, or carrying deep, voluminous chiltas on their backs to transport dry wood and leaves. Take in the variety of talent that the hills have to offer; from musicians to painters to jugglers to snake charmers even! Manali, being one of the prime adventure sports hubs in the country, plays host to many an extreme athlete, who come to test their endurance levels on the complex topography of the city and its neighboring towns. Our downhill rider here acquaints us with some of these adrenaline junkies – climbers, paragliding pilots, boulderers, slackliners, et al. Get with the Manali vibe as he zips past the myriad cafes in town. Lap up the natural flora, spot the graffiti, be amused by yak rides, ogle at pahadi apparel, relish the apple trees, and revel in the Beas river. Maybe even get on board the ‘bawli’ act of Downhill Mountain Biking!


No kayaker can resist the magic of the Mexican jungle with its torrential white-water canyons and waterfalls – even if the continuous rain and voracious mosquitoes turn the trip into an endurance test for the whole crew and their equipment.

Riding The Ridge

Danny MacAskill’s talents in trials riding are well-known, thanks to his multiple viral videos featuring stunts you couldn’t even dream up. One of his most popular videos released in 2014 – The Ridge – has so far received over 47 million views on YouTube, and caught the eye of many in our forums. Riding along the Cuillin Ridge (Traverse) on Danny’s native Isle of Skye, the film shows Danny bunny-hopping, balancing and ‘gapping’ his way along some of the most iconic – and precarious – sections of the ridgeline on a mountain bike.


Follow professional mountain bikers Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, and Matty Miles on a mind-bending night ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the Ewok forests of the Pacific Northwest. Unlike anything ever seen before in the world of mountain biking, Darklight features arrestingly beautiful landscapes and world class riding.

Facing Sunrise

In moments of rawness and realness, we find our true selves. This is Azzah’s story. While dealing with one of the darkest times of her life, processing family trauma and recovering from injury, Azzah overhears a conversation around the question, “what do you want to do before you die?” Inspired and energized, she rushes home and begins her bucket list. Although she has never seen herself as much of an adventurer, she realizes she’s capable of more than she ever imagined.Long SynopsisWe pick up with Azzah in her own personal sunrise as she redefines what she wants her life to look like. Her story is one of identity, self-discovery and answering the call of the natural world. It reminds us that there’s a difference between living and just being alive.

For The Love Of Mary

Kirk first met George during the filming of his senior thesis at Middlebury College. The film, surrounding senior citizen runners, led him to the “New England Legend” that was George Etzweiler. After seeing the film, Simon contacted Kirk, and the two agreed that George’s story was one that had to be told to a wider audience. The two filmmakers, formerly player and coach on the Men’s Soccer Team at Middlebury, chased George up Mt. Washington during the race’s 2017 competition, and then followed him around State College, PA for a day in September. His quips and stories will stay with them long after the film stops circulating. NOTE – George just recently completed the 2018 Mt. Washington Road Race, beating his 2017 time by a full minute, at the impressive age of 98!

Frank And The Tower

The first time Frank Sanders saw Devil’s Tower was in the sudden brilliance of a lightning strike. It sent a wave of anxiety through him, but the next day he climbed The Tower. 43 years later, he’s repeated that act more than 2,000 times and learned a thing or two about about going up and not growing old.

Searching Sirocco

Freestyle skateboard star Kilian Martin is teleported from snow drifts to mountain caves, to the streets of Brooklyn, across the Bonneville Salt Flats, into a deserted greenhouse and through the Moab desert back to the snow-filled mountains where he began. Rolling Stone called it, ‘The most beautiful skateboarding film you’ll ever see’.

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