Hopefully our site explains everything you need to know about how to get to the HVAFF and what to expect there, but here’s some extra information on frequently asked questions.

Q.   Can I buy tickets on the day?

A.   Yes, but only if still available. We have a set capacity and if this sells out in advance then tickets will not be available on the day. If you know you want to come then its best to buy tickets in advance on the ‘Tickets’ page of this site.   If tickets do sell out then we will state this on the Tickets and home pages.

Q.   Can I park at Hope Valley College?

A.   Yes. Parking will be signed off the main road to free car parks both behind the college and opposite on the other side of the road.

Q.   Is the festival aimed at adults or young people?

A.   Both. HVAFF will appeal to all ages and we have included film programs aimed at both youth and adults. The Youth Adventure Film Packages in the Music Hall contain short action packed outdoor adventure films that will appeal to kids of all ages. These films are not purely for kids though, they were also showing at mainstream adventure film festivals and have great appeal to adults as well, it is just that the Youth film Program is more action packed, is shorter than the Best of ShAFF and contains shorter individual films within it. Please note that children under 11 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Best of ShAFF and other films in the main hall will appeal to adults and interested teenagers with a wide variety of films, some longer presentations with some more thought provoking content.

The evening lecture is probably best enjoyed by adults and interested teenagers.

The sports hall activities are designed to provide a fun challenge and get the muscles moving between films, and are available to all ages.

Q.   Am I guaranteed to see the films I want to see on my DayFilmPass?

A.    The DayFilmPass gives access to any of the films in the Main Hall (capacity 300) and the Music Hall (capacity 150).  We will sell tickets up to this combined capacity, so if you want to see a particular film program then arrive at the hall a few minutes ahead of the screening times to be sure of seeing your first choice.  It is up to you to study the film schedule and pick the combination of screenings that you most want to see, moving at will between the halls during the day to get the best out of the schedule.

Q.   Can I buy food during the day at the HVAFF?

A.    A BIG YES!  We have great onsite catering and encourage you to make a day of it by refueling with drinks, snacks and full meals available between the film programs.   You can also view the Art and Photography exhibition over a drink between screenings.  At 6pm we will be serving a main meal together with locally brewed festival ale!

Q.   Is there a bar?

A.   Yes, we are licensed and will serve a variety of wines and beers including specially brewed barrels of beer from the Hope Valley Brewery!

Q.   Is there easy access for wheelchair users?

A.   Yes, to all areas of Hope Valley College that will be used by the HVAFF.

Q.   What steps have HVAFF taken to care for the environment?

A.   HVAFF is festival that celebrates adventure in the world’s wild places and helping to keep them wild and pristine is close to hearts. We encourage you to use public transport (Hope has both train and bus links) and we have reduced our print commitments from 2016. Tickets are bought online and paper tickets have not been printed.

We’ve had some great feedback, but will always look to make improvements. To answer some of the comments regarding environmental impact the catering team have made some different choices in recent years. Hot food and drinks will be served from a brand of plates and cups which are completely biodegradable (Enviroware); this product also has reduced energy consumption in its production as compared with traditional disposable catering items. We will reduced waste further by not using disposable cutlery.

Recycling bins will be provided allowing us to keep non-recyclable waste to a minimum. So as well as great food there will be a happier planet!

If you still have an unanswered question please contact us on [email protected] and we’ll do our best to answer you as soon as possible.