HVAFF is organized and run by the Hope Valley College PTFA as a way or raising funds used for developing school facilities.  All the profits from HVAFF go directly to support school projects. The HVAFF event organisers and staff are all volunteers and put in their time freely. They don't receive any payment for the work they do.

Recent purchases have included the hall projector and screen, staging for the Drama department, floodlighting for PE department and a laminator for Technology department. 

We have also helped to fund the climbing wall, lighting for Drama, drying rails for Art, shelving for RE and more recently the new Greenhouse for the Science department.

In the last year we have matched funding of £10,000 to renovate/refurbish the Community Room.   We also spent £3,500 on sound proofing the main hall to help at exam times, funding the purchase and installation of new black out curtains around the main hall as well as other smaller projects such as buying costume storage boxes for the drama department and contributing prizes for the December 2010 presentation evening.

Below are just a few of the extra facilities and equipment made possible by PTFA fundraising and of which HVAFF is a major contributor.

Climbing and boldering walls in the Gym

unnamed 11

Equipment and facilities for indoor training

A special trailer to carry all the instruments when the various bands and orchestras go on tour - and used for lots of other tasks also




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