Support Speaker – Nathan Willett

Audax is the hobby of doing long bike rides within a set time limit. From just 50km to the UK’s premier event, London Edinburgh London of 1540km over 128 hours. This year, 8000 riders will participate in the 1200km Paris Brest Paris – a ride that dates back to 1891 and led to the creation of the Tour de France.
The joy of audax is self-sufficiency, doing something audacious, enjoying the open countryside by day and all through the night… and a surprising quantity of cake.

Nathan will talk about his experiences in Audax riding

Main Speaker – Nicky Spinks

Nicky will talk about how she started running and the progression from joining Penistone Footpath Runners then Dark Peak, to achieving records and going much further than she ever thought possible. Nicky will speak about the two major events that she has completed in the last year; the Barkley Marathons and the Tor De Glaciers. And what she has coming up next.