We worked with a very precise plan on some of the most incredible Calisthenic Street Workout Scenes with the Australian Calisthenic Athlete “Simonster” on the streets. With Simon Ata we shot straight Bodyweight power moves all over the state of Saxony. He is a master of the Plance and Handstand and the Hollowback, but also other moves like a super high backflip and Hollowback which is one of his special moves. On the music I worked with the composer Oliver Patrice Weder from Amsterdam. I flew over and we composed to every move of Simonster and to the dynamic of the shot. It is also the first time I used no Invisible Cuts or other Effect Editing and worked with longer, magical shots. We shot 7 days with breaks inbetween to get to the result you see in the end. This is a free project supported by the state I am living in. (Soundtrack was created by Oliver Patrice Weder)