Doors from 7pm, event starting from 7:30

John Beatty, who lives in the Hope Valley, and was recently shortlisted for the prestigious Boardman Tasker Award 2018 for his book Kinder Scout: The People’s Mountain, will be talking about his extraordinary experiences adventuring and photographing all around the world.
Beatty says: “I am delighted to be speaking at an event so close to home at the Hope Valley Film Festival, and particularly as it will raise money for the local community.”

John’s most recent talk ‘Adventures in the Wild’ is an ongoing project, a dialogue with audiences when he can share recent images and stories from across the world. These new adventures include; grizzly bears, mountains and walruses of Alaska; eagle-hunters of Khazak Mongolia; survival training in Scotland; the volcanic wilderness of Danikil in Northern Ethiopia; emperor penguins of Antarctica; rafting the Colorado River of Grand Canyon; and closer to home, John will be talking about his new book Kinder Scout – The People’s Mountain. (Amazon Link)

“To be fully engaged with travel photography is an adventure in itself. To be absorbed by unfamiliar cultures, to wonder at the historical reference in the land, to be fearless, minimalist and sufficient according to the resources around you, this is real travel.”