2016 Music Room Films


ShAFF Shorts - 11:15

Action packed, funny, dramatic and varied, the short film selection is often the most popular part of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival and appeals to everyone, young and old.   The programme will take an hour including introductions and includes many award winning films from the 2015 ShAFF.


IPADDLE - 7 Minutes

Funny man Dave Halsted tackles the internationally notorious Hebden Bridge falls in this hilarious parody of white-water epic movies. This film won a bronze award for best short film at ShAFF 2015.


A Front Door Adventure - 6 Minutes

Living in Sheffield, you don't have to go far to find beauty, it's right outside your front door. This film won a bronze award for "Made in Sheffield" at ShAFF 2015.


El Sendero Luminoso - 6 Minutes

On January 15, 2014, Alex Honnold free-soloed El Sendero Luminoso (The Shining Path) in El Portrero Chico, Mexico in a little over three hours. The climb rises 2,500 feet to the summit of El Toro making this possibly the most difficult rope-less climb in history.

This film won "Best Adrenaline Film" at ShAFF 2015



Touch - 5 Minutes

Paraglider Jean Baptiste Chandelier specialises in flying close to the ground, skimming houses and people to give the audience watching the sense that they too are flying.


Last Weekend - 5 Minutes

 Carl Zoch and Sarah Uhl set out on a 36 hour, door to door Adventure, biking from town, hiking up a mountain and floating the river all the way home.  Nothing too crazy, just enjoying the place they love, Carbondale, Colorado.



Race The Tube - 2 Minutes

Ever get fed up of waiting for public transport?  This is one man's attempt to beat London Underground by racing a Circle Line tube train on foot, getting off at Mansion House and getting back on the same train at Cannon Street.


 Vasu Sojita (Out On A Limb) - 7 Minutes

Vasu Sojitra lost his right leg to a blood infection at 9 months old. Rather than letting his disability define him, Vasu has always treated his amputation as a mere hiccup in life.

This film won "Best Ski and Board Film" at ShAFF 2015.



Wild Women - 4 Minutes

Faith Dickey is a soft-spoken Texan with a long list of achievements in the world of highlining. If there is anyone who proves how little gender matters in sport it's her. Although she is not into tricklining she holds all of the womens' world records and an incredible list of achievements including being the first woman to pass the 100 meter mark on a slackline and being the only woman who regularly free solos highlines. Dickey identifies with all aspects of the sport, but loves free soloing in particular because it takes her to her mental limits and brings out her best.



Inside The Mind - 3 Minutes

Colin Furze is a plumber by day - but in his spare time he retreats to his garage and invents all sorts of weird and wonderful contraptions.


Extreme Jumpy - 2 Minutes

Jumpy the dog doing extreme stunts with a little help from his trainer, Omar Muller, whose animal training film credits include The Italian Job, Four Brothers, Jackass 3D, and Water for Elephants. His dog Uggie starrred in the Oscar winning film, The Artist. Uggie is also the first dog to have his paw prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  In case you're wondering, he's a Border-Collie cross. 

KMF Shorts - 12:45


Wildless - 5 Minutes

We're losing the world's wildlife but is there something deep rooted in human psychology that's also disappearing? A vital and inherent part of being alive? More and more people spend time in cities, in front of televisions, computers and mobile phones, communicating and experiencing the world digitally from the comforts of modern life; losing our direct connection and awareness of the wild.

But what if we could reawaken and reconnect ourselves with the wild; fundamentally shifting our consciousness? Could this not only help restore declining wildlife populations but also bring back adventure, wonder and enchantment into our lives?



Ishtar X Tussilago - 5 Minutes

Ishtar X Tussilago is a short film by Maceo Frost starring downhill longboard rider Ishtar Backlund in the epic mountains of Norway. Combined with a magical soundtrack from Swedish rock band Tussilago, the film is a glimpse into the profound feeling of believing in yourself and living one's greatest dreams.


Darklight - 8 Minutes

The lights haven’t gone out yet! Sweetgrass Productions is back with Darklight, a film that takes viewers back into a world of light and color. Supported by innovative television manufacturer Philips TV, this is the third collaboration between the soulful filmmakers at Sweetgrass Productions and Swedish creative house Ahlstrand and Wållgren. Follow professional mountain bikers Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, and Matty Miles on a mind-bending night ride through the moonscapes of Southern Utah to the Ewok forests of the Pacific Northwest.

A physically and mentally demanding production, this piece was shot during the midnight hours over three intense weeks. With a scrappy and determined crew of 27, thousands of pounds of camera and lighting gear was slogged, rigged, soldered, hung and broken down each night. Unlike anything ever seen before in the world of mountain biking, Darklight features arrestingly beautiful landscapes and world class riding. An evolution of its predecessors, Darklight continues to push the creative bounds of action sports cinema.


Jetmen of Dubai - 12 Minutes

The Emirates A380 and Jetman Dubai team recently took to the skies of Dubai for an extraordinary formation flight which showcases just how far aviation has come. The formations were conducted over the Palm Jumeirah and Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa in the background.

While the formation flight looked effortless on film, painstaking planning and meticulous collaboration with an intense focus on safety drove all efforts.

The carefully choreographed aerial showcase involved the world’s largest passenger aircraft flying at 4,000 feet in two holding patterns. The A380 aircraft was then joined by the Jetman Dubai duo, experienced pilots and operators of the smallest jet propelled wing, who were deployed from a helicopter that hovered above the aircraft at 5,500 feet. The duo conducted formations on both sides of the aircraft and joined to one side thereafter before breaking away.


Of Fells and Hills

Of Fells and Hills - 7 Minutes

The term 'fell' is an often used Northern England expression for hill or mountain. It is presumed that Shepherds were probably the first ever fell runners with the earliest documented accounts of running in the fells dating back to the 11th Century. By the 19th century organised fell runs began taking place in Cumbria in the United Kingdom. Locals raced each other up and down hills and a sport was born.

In 'Of Fells and Hills' we travel with American Writer, Photographer and Trail Runner, Rickey Gates, to the UK to explore and discover the history, culture and legends of the ancient practise of Fell Running.



Expedition Q - 12 Minutes

Last summer, a group of friends set out on an adventure only they could have dreamed up. The journey takes them across Baffin Island's Penny Ice Cap on skis, on a first descent of the Class V Weasel River and finally, by way of traditional kayaks they hand-built themselves, over age-old Inuit hunting routes across the southern portion of the island all the way to sea.

Join Erik, Sarah, Eric and Kate on a 1,000-kilometer ski, river, sea kayak and portage across the south portion of the world's fifth-largest island. This is Expedition Q.

 X-Box to Ice - 14:15 - With introduction and Q&A

‘This 30 minute film commissioned by BBC’s The One Show features the Kirkpatrick family recreating the Heroes Of Telemark ski journey across Norway.   Ella Kirkpatrick will introduce the film and run a Q&A afterwards.


Andy Kirkpatrick takes his two children to Norway to retrace the footsteps of the heroes of Telemark. Ella (15) and Ewen (12)  join their Father in the spirit of the 60 mile trek of the World War II heroes, who skied across the ice in order to destroy a crucial component of the Nazi nuclear weapons programme in Norway. The narrative is supported by two main themes. One is the historical re-telling of the Heroes of Telemark. The other is Andy's belief that risk is a necessary part of any kid's upbringing.

Youth Adventure Short Film Competition awards - 17:00

Your chance to see the ‘People’s choice’ winning film and the best films from this years competition as judged by ‘Into Film’

Wild, Remote and Beautiful - Fastpacking the John Muir Trail - 17:30


Olly Stephenson, the man behind the story, will present an illustrated talk about an entirely self-sufficient run along the length of California’s John Muir Trail. (This event is open to both daytime HVAFF Film Festival ticket holders and evening HARE ticket holders).

The JMT in California is renowned as one of the finest long-distance hikes in the world, typically taking 3 weeks for experienced backpackers. In August 2015 Olly Stephenson 'fastpacked' (ran!) the JMT in just 5 days, entirely self-supported from start-to-finish and his talk and pictures are an inspiration to runners and non-runners alike. Olly covers the preparation and lessons learnt from a long distance multi-day run as well as the experiences gained in one of the most beautiful regions on earth, starting in Yosemite Valley and finishing on Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the 'lower 48'.

Quotes/feedback from Olly's JMT talk at the Scottish Hill Runners 2015 awards ceremony:

'We really enjoyed your talk, what you did was an amazing feat'

'Stunning mountains'

'A brilliant talk about your epic run along the John Muir Trail'